Starbucks Leaked Bathroom codes

As most of you may know Starbucks has implemented a policy at most of their stores that you can not use the restroom unless you purchase something and then ask for the code key for the locked door. Really Starbucks, you sell beverages that make people pee like race horses and then make your customers go to the counter to ask an employee for a key to the restroom. This…

April 21, 2018

USA Paddles Organization

USAPaddles.orgĀ is Under Construction. Expected Launch Date – August 17, 2018 #DisciplinedLivesMatter #GoFundMe Need More Info? Email your thoughts to: Your Comments are welcome below. Please keep them respectful.

March 4, 2018

Gary Rock shatters 800 mark in Bowling

Gary Rock, a Norwalk, Oh. native and league bowler, bowled a 814 series in the City League tournament at Cedar Lanes in Sandusky, Oh on Saturday February 3rd, 2018. Gary is also my brother and youngest sibling of the Rock family. Take a listen below as we had a friendly conversation about this incredible Bowling Series and to find out his secrets to success. Congrats on your 276-279-259=814 set bro,…

February 4, 2018

Home Automation

We do offer Home Automation surveys. Just signup for our individual yearly plan and your survey may be FREE* I highly recommend this book to get you started:

July 4, 2016